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Lake Titicaca was the cradle of Andean civilization and remains a magical location renowned for its ethereal natural beauty and traditional highland communities, who maintain unique rituals and beleifs handed down over hundreds of generations.


The Lake and surrounding "altiplano", or high plain, provide Titilaka with an expansive, sublime and pristine natural backdrop that never fails to leave an impression.



According to legend, it is from the waters of Titicaca that pre-Colombian South America’s greatest ever empire, the Incas, originated. Before them, the Aymara people also revered the lake and considered it sacred. Long before the Incas’ brief reign, generations of different, mysterious cultures, spanning centuries and even millennia, left a rich scattering of archaeological sites and ancient monuments around the lake.

Living Culture

Titicaca remains a vibrant nexus of cultures even today. There are two main indigenous groups, who speak two different languages, Aymara and Quechua, and are culturally quite distinct. Blend these with the colonial influence and today's contemporary Puneño for a rich living culture.